Tik Tok for Tradies

    A fun way to gain brand awareness!


    Mezzanine floor construction time-lapse 🛠️ Do you think you could build this fast? ##construction ##tradies ##tradiesoftiktok ##builders ##buildtok

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    Rees Construction Group

    Project Type

    Tik Tok Content

    Client's Problem

    Rees Construction Group have been around for 30 years and have had steady & consistent work across that time period. Due to a number of external factors business had slowed down and they needed an organic way to boost brand awareness.

    Brigette's Solution

    As part of an overall social media strategy, we decided to turn to Tik Tok to broaden Rees social media presence. Tik Tok has become a great platform to spread a message to a very broad audience, the aim of Tik Tok was to post entertaining content that showcases the work Rees have completed and projects they’re currently working on. Tik Tok was a great way to align the Rees brand with a fun yet educational tone of voice.